The company “MATH EDUCATION” was founded on Jan 04, 2016 with the purpose of building and programming mathematical training applications to free high school students through applications in the application store.

In addition, we also have the dream of developing useful applications and intellectual games, IQ and AQ training to provide an optimal service for high school students.

Learning and playing fun is the purpose of our company. In addition, we focus on developing health and medical applications that serve the community for long-term health, disease prevention and disease prevention.

Applying Android technology is a top priority for our company, based on Google’s Android Studio programming engine, aiming to become a leading developer of mobile application tools with respect to wave and WIFI, 5G, 4G. 3G connection

We know that compliance with Google policies (Admob, Store) is the responsibility and obligation of startups. We are young companies with strong intellectual and entrepreneurial spirit. We dream that in the near future, we will become the provider of WIFI, 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G network connection optimization and customer satisfaction.


– Free and integrated application service containing advertising.

– Compliance with local, national and international copyright laws.

– For the benefit of the application user.

– Support the media properly and clearly.

– Effectiveness is our highest goal.

– Young and wise is our strength.


– Young and wise is our strength.

– Persistently pursue purpose

– The will to overcome the failure, to draw experience for themselves

Let’s work together to build a better world

Thank and best regards,