1. How to install our App Store?
  2. All App in the store can be run on any Android Smart Phone from 4.0
  3. Download App from Google Play Store
  4. Please carefully read each policy of each application before installing.
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Functions Overview

  1. Set up automatic network connection between WIFI and GPRS, 2G, 3G <4G, 5G Mobile.
  2. Measure the speed of internet connection transfer, download / upload speed, data storage to calculate the total data traffic used to calculate the payment to the network.
  3. Online math learning applications include a full range of classes, from grades 1 through 12: including theoretical and hands-on online exam exercises.
  4. Fun games after school, games of historical significance for the development of humankind from monkeys, from monkeys.
  5. Medical and health care applications such as menstrual cycle monitoring, get baby boy or girl, pregnancy care, health care, diet diary, ovulation monitoring, Dugs Dictionary – many languages,


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